Easy Science Experiments


Flame Test - Colorful Elements

Blue, orange, and yellow flames are pretty common. What about green or purple flames? When you’re used to the everyday colors of flames, colorful changes […]

Making an Electric Circuit

You enter a dark room and reach for a switch to turn on the lights. In fact, most off the time, you don’t even think about it; you just […]

World's Simplest Motor Version 2

Electric motors are devices that turn electrical energy into motion. They are remarkable machines that come in all sizes and do all kinds of work […]

World's Simplest Motor - Spinning Wire

Electric motors are devices that turn electrical energy into motion. They are remarkable machines that come in all sizes and do all kinds of work […]

Homemade Hand Warmer

If you’ve been outdoors when it’s really cold, there’s a good chance you’ve either used these yourself or wished you had. You can experience a […]

Ping Pong Popper

Science staples involve things that go boom and things that blast off. With the Ping Pong Popper kids’ science experiment, you’ll take both the booming […]

Coin Tower

When it comes to scientific muses, Sir Isaac Newton is definitely near the top of our list. Our favorite laws to break involve physics, movement, […]

Ice Tray Battery

You probably know that voltaic batteries come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from tiny button batteries to car batteries to huge industrial heavy-weights. […]

LED Throwies

Graffiti Research Lab first introduced us to the awesome throwie idea, and we loved it. Ever since, we’ve been playing around with the idea of […]

PVC Rocket Launcher

Steve was first introduced to this incredible teaching tool in 2001 while speaking at the U.S. Space Camp for Educators. As part of the week-long […]

Inseparable Books

Notebooks are a necessity in every science setting. Graphs, observations, procedures… all of science falls by the wayside without a way of recording the information. […]

Mystery Balloon Pop

One balloon is blown up inside of another when you use a magnifying glass to focus light onto their surfaces. You expect the balloons to […]

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gas that humans interact with every day. For instance, you exhale it from your lungs. Drive a vehicle and it’s in the engine […]

Genie in a Bottle

Genies are imaginary, right? Well, genies are the real deal when you have Steve Spangler around. What appears to be a normal bottle quickly reveals […]

Energy Stick - Testing Conductors and Insulators

The Energy Stick makes quite the “buzz” when you’re using it. To the untrained eye, it appears to be a plastic tube with a jumble […]

Newton's Inertia Beads - The Chain Fountain

A long chain of beads appears to siphon itself from a container as the beads twist and turn in a most mesmerizing dance. As you’ll […]

Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction

Popsicle sticks are great for holding frozen treats and reading the occasional joke off of, but did you know they’re excellent for demonstrating potential and […]

Soap Soufflé

Ivory soap . . . it’s the soap that floats. But why? discover the secret behind this floating sensation by cooking the whole bar of […]

Bounce No Bounce Balls

You might be surprised to find balls that don’t bounce, squish, change color, or even splat on the floor. It’s a great way to explore […]

The Spinning Penny

Warning: The Spinning Penny Balloon is known to be addicting! Once you try it, you’ll find out too late that it’s habit forming and totally […]

Oil Spill Polymer

Imagine a simple way to clean up an oil spill: A small amount of a non-toxic powder is sprinkled onto the spreading oil. In seconds, the powder collects the oil and forms […]

Human Conductor of Electricity

Ordinary people use standard electricity from the wall to powera light. Oh, but not you! Why use normal electricity from the walloutlet when you can […]

Revealing UV with Color - Changing Beads

Knowing you’ll spend some time in the sun, you carefully spread a sunscreen lotion labeled “SPF 50” on exposed skin. The next day, you look […]

Holiday Fire - Red

Everyone likes to cuddle up next to a nice warm fire, but we couldn’t possibly settle for any normal fire. Why not make a more […]