Easy Science Experiments


The Science of Keeping Flowers Fresh

Add a shot of vodka… spritz with a sugary soda… stir in vinegar… or give the flowers an Aspirin (which might be needed after all […]

Moss Graffiti

Graffiti is a topic of debate in the modern world. While some consider graffiti a nuisance, others consider it street art. With that debate still […]

Toothpick Star Table Trick

It’s always fun to use simple materials in simple ways and really surprise people with the results. OK, this one is part science and part […]

Growing Bacteria in Petri Dishes

This activity will prove that Mom was right… “Wash your hands with soap and warm water!” A Petri dish prepared with nutrient agar (a seaweed […]

Red Cabbage Chemistry

Ahh, the sweet smell of science! This next activity is super smelly, but really cool activity. Plug your nose and get ready to make your […]

Color Changing Carnation Flowers

With this experiment, you can discover for yourself how essential the functions of stems are to plant growth. As the colored water is absorbed, you will be able […]

Berry pH Paper

You no longer need to search for specialty litmus paper. Steve and his team have come up with a formula that will allow you to […]