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Buzzing Noise Maker

Do you like to make a ton of noise? The Buzzing Noise Maker experiment is perfect for you! The greatest aspect of the Buzzing Noise […]

CD Hovercraft

The puck used in an ice hockey game is designed to be nearly frictionless as it flashes across a surface of ice.  At a game center, “Air Hockey” uses air […]

Ice Cube Rope

Most normal people won’t put effort into trying to catch a solid chunk of ice with a rope. Luckily, we aren’t most people!  Steve and […]

Balloon Expansion

Here’s a great way to actually see how air fills more space and then less space as its temperature changes back and forth between warmer and cooler. You can easily […]

Light Writer

Writing in the dark is challenging. After a letter or two, it gets messy and the message is lost. Even something as simple as your name […]

Traveling Water

Spangler researchers use science to upgrade simple experiences. Making ice cream? Do it with liquid nitrogen. Need to blow out a candle? Use an air […]

Marble Gravitron

Recently, the Spangler Labs Research Team took a trip to an amusement park. (It wasn’t for fun, it was for work but it was fun.) […]

Optical Illusion Heart

Poets and other artists of language have said that love is blind. Well, we’ve got an optical illusion that is going to take that play […]

Candle Seesaw

This scientific amusement is easily overlooked when you’re thumbing through the pages of an old science book. How exciting can a few candles attached to […]

Color Mixing Wheel

Here’s an amazing way to combine scientific principles of physics with the visual science of color mixing to create a gizmo that will have you […]

The Unbelievable Pendulum Catch

It’s a classic comedy bit from the silent movie era. The villain hoists a piano to a third- or fourth-story window just waiting for the […]

Amazing 9 Layer Density Tower

With this science magic trick, you’ll put a new spin on our famous Seven-Layer Density Column demonstration. First, you’ll discover how to stack seven or […]

Flying Tea Rocket

The Flying Tea Rocket is an adaptation of a classic science demonstration called the “Ditto-Paper Rocket.”*  Each two-page Ditto master had a sheet of tissue paper […]

Burning Money

Do you have money burning a hole in your pocket? It’s probably not a wise idea to soak a $20 bill in a flammable liquid […]

Floating Rice Bottle

Although this effect is presented with modern containers like plastic soda bottles, the original magic trick dates back thousands of years. The magician shows everybody […]

Glacier GAK

If you’re old enough to remember Silly Putty, you may remember what it felt like to roll it up into a ball in your hand. […]

Dancing Raisins - The Bubble Lifter

Who taught these raisins to dance, anyway? Go on – gather up some raisins, turn up the music, and get ready for a raisin romp. […]

Pop Bottle Music

A popular Las Vegas musical act uses tubes, bottles, trash cans, and other common items to make some very cool and distinctive sounds. This just […]

Bed of Nails - Tabletop Variation

You may have seen your favorite circus performers or magicians perform the classic Bed of Nails Trick… but what is the secret? Using a smaller […]

Fireproof Balloon

Common sense tells you that it’s impossible to boil water in a paper bag, but this classic parlor trick was a favorite of Victorian magicians. […]

Color Changing Milk of Magnesia

Sometimes great food and heartburn go hand in hand. Many people rely on products like Milk of Magnesia to settle their stomachs, but have you […]

Glowing Pumpkins - Halloween Science

If you’re a fan of Steve Spangler, you know that he loves exploding pumpkins… but we’ve also found that glowing pumpkins can be just as […]

Seven-Layer Density Column

What if you could stack seven different liquids in seven different layers?

Fire Tornado

When we picture a tornado, most of us imagine a whirling column of air poking down from the clouds. But this tornado-like effect is not […]