Steve Spangler’s Science Minute

Digital Science Series Featuring Easy Experiments Anyone Can Do at Home

We’re excited to announce the opportunity to license our latest video series called Steve Spangler’s Science MinuteLesson. Each video features a fun science experiment or STEM challenge you can do at home using easy to find materials. Great for use by classroom teachers as weekly writing prompts or as a “STEM Conversation Starter”. Science Minute videos are also perfect for digital newsletters, online content for school district websites or any place where safe, reliable science-based content is needed from a trusted brand.

A variety of licensing options and packages are available. Request licensing information.

These example videos showcase Steve’s fun and engaging presentation style.

Video Features

  • Highly visual experiments promote strong viewer engagement
  • Perfect for teachers to use as a weekly STEM series
  • Supports current initiatives in STEM education (science, technology, engineering, math)
  • Evergreen content makes these videos easy to use year round
  • Great for online newsletters, school districts, streaming services, media outlets
  • Access a starting library of 70+ videos with new content being developed weekly
  • Presented by a leading STEM advocate and trusted authority in science education

Who licenses these videos?

From traditional media outlets (television stations) to school districts and online content providers, these short, “evergreen” videos are a sure-fire way to drive engagement and support current STEM initiatives (science, technology, engineering and math). Some of our customers choose to purchase a yearly license with content delivered weekly while others are interested in purchasing bundles of 25 or 50 videos at a time.

As a high school chemistry teacher, Science Minute videos are a great way to get my class started (now a combination of in-person and virtual learning). My students actually look forward to guessing what Steve (as they call him) has up his sleeve. I’m most surprised by the great discussions that follow watching the video. They even challenge me to do more “Steve Spangler” demos.

Patty Hupfer Riedel – Wisconsin

Science Minute videos kept me in the teaching profession… seriously. I’ve been knee deep in the middle school hormones for 6 years and finding things they don’t roll their eyes at is so difficult. I find the most success with Steve Spangler videos with the middle schoolers because they are not corny or “fluffly” in any way—it has that lovely mix of intrigue and the “bite-sized” length to really hold their interest and pique their curiosity. I’m cool because I found Steve Spangler videos.

Covey Denton – North Carolina

Science Minute videos have been an amazing resource! As a technology specialist, the teachers in my building turn to me to help them find resources that are safe to share with kids. Good luck, right? That’s until I found Steve Spangler’s Science Minute. How amazing to have a non-YouTube resource that’s safe and provide solid science content for our students. Please keep making these!

Ellen Peterson – Wyoming

To discuss pricing and licensing options, please contact Carly Reed at 855-228-8780 or e-mail [email protected]

Science Minute™ video series is a trademark of Steve Spangler, Inc. All rights reserved. Inquire about licensing