Easy Science Experiments


Hovering Paper Airplane

Over the years, we love it when our “Experiment of the Week” just happens to fall on a holiday… especially April Fool’s Day. So, when […]

Straw Cartesian Diver

It just can’t get much more simple than this… a bendy straw and paperclip. As always, the key is to experiment with the materials you […]

Diving Ketchup - Clever Cartesian Diver

Did you know that you can cause a packet of ketchup to rise and fall on command in a bottle of water? People might even […]

Windbag Experiment - Diaper Genie Balloons

How many breaths of air will it take you to fill a plastic bag that’s 8’ (2 m) long and 10” (25 cm) in diameter? […]

Lift a Car with the Power of Air

Believe it or not, it’s possible to lift a 4,000 pound car using a ShopVac, plastic tarps and some duct tape. It’s a great illustration […]

Ultimate Can Crusher - 55 Gallon Drum

Steve Spangler often says… “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” That’s probably what happened here when he tried to super-size the classic Can Crusher experiment […]

Cartesian Diver Toys - Hook the Sinker

Hook is an amazing game that combines cool science with coordination and skill. You’ll make a special diver, float it in a soda bottle tank […]

Flying Toilet Paper - How to Make a Toilet Paper Launcher

It’s amazing what you can do with differences in air pressure. A tasty drink flows through a straw from a glass up to your mouth. A […]

Match Levitation

Whether watching that movie about wizards or catching up on our magic tricks, we love it when things mysteriously rise into the air. We are […]

Film Canister Launcher

What happens when you have a build-up of gas? Wait! Don’t answer that question! The gas used here is carbon dioxide (CO2), it comes from Alka-Seltzer, […]

Separating Egg Whites and Egg Yolks

When a recipe calls for egg whites, you might want to freak out. If you’re running short on time, you don’t have the patience and […]

Bubble Inside a Bubble

There’s something amazing about a bubble. True, it’s just a little puff of air trapped inside a thin film of soap and water but its […]

Dry Ice Smoke Ring Launcher

Inspired by Steve Spangler’s original trash can smoke ring launcher, this mini version uses easy to find materials to make your vortex vapor ring launcher. […]

Ping Pong Popper

Science staples involve things that go boom and things that blast off. With the Ping Pong Popper kids’ science experiment, you’ll take both the booming […]

PVC Rocket Launcher

Steve was first introduced to this incredible teaching tool in 2001 while speaking at the U.S. Space Camp for Educators. As part of the week-long […]

Five Divers

We’ve found an awesome new science activity that uses Cartesian divers. This project features five individual Cartesian divers, and they’re all in the same bottle. […]

Homemade Lung

The human body is a magnificent machine. Every part serves a purpose that seems to work like magic (except maybe the appendix). The more science […]

Homemade Hand Boiler

What would you say if we told you that you could make water boil with nothing more than your touch? Impossible, right? There is no […]

Burping Bottle

Did you know that the majority of burps are simply caused by swallowed air? It’s true! Burping is a natural human phenomenon, but it’s also […]

Dry Ice Balloon

Blowing up balloons can be quite the task. You’ll spend a ton of time huffing and puffing while blowing your breath into the rubbery orb. […]

Ping Pong Pressure

We have all experienced wind and, like it or hate it, it affects us. Moving air can jostle your hair about, fly a kit, or, […]

Floating Ping Pong Ball

You’ve seen Steve Spangler use blow dryers or industrial-sized blowers to levitate ping pong balls, beach balls, and send toilet paper flying through the air. […]

Liquid Layers - Salt Water Density Straw

Density can be a difficult scientific property to grasp. With that in mind, we found a way to make the science of density a colorful, […]

Soap Soufflé

Ivory soap . . . it’s the soap that floats. But why? discover the secret behind this floating sensation by cooking the whole bar of […]